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Lighting Maintenance Account

When you join our Lighting Maintenance Program you can count on your property’s lighting to look its best year round! Our Lighting Maintenance Program covers both Indoor Lighting and Outdoor Lighting. We will survey your site for lighting outages and provide a map identifying any repairs made. Repair costs over your pre-approved amount are quoted separately so there are never any surprises. This is our most popular maintenance program.

Lighting Troubleshooting and Repairs

Ours years of experience in the electrical and lighting industry has given us the knowledge to troubleshoot every electrical problem that may arise. Our methods for trouble shooting electrical problems are precise and efficient. When it comes to those urgent repairs, consider our 24/7 Emergency Service!

Lighting Upgrades and Retrofits

An LED Lighting Retrofit is the replacement of components in an electrical lighting system with LED counterparts to make the electrical lighting system more energy efficient. Replacing older light sources with LED can dramatically reduce the amount of energy your property consumes and thus reduce your energy costs. The savings on monthly energy costs can often pay for the project in a relatively short period of time.. We can develop a plan to upgrade your lighting system in order to reduce overall energy consumption and help you start saving on energy costs right away!

Lighting Design and Installation

We have experience in a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting design projects.. Our goal is to understand your vision, and make it a reality. We love to see our customers get excited when they see their custom design projects come to life!

Lighting Controllers

Let us maintain and customize your common area, pool, or interior lighting schedule. When outdoor lighting is on unnecessarily, or remains on 24/7 due to lighting control failure, it wastes energy and ultimately money. When lighting does not operate during intended hours it may leave important areas dark and result in safety issues or injury. We work with photocells, lighting contractors, time-clocks, and programmable lighting controllers to ensure your lighting is on and off at the appropriate times.

Light Pole inspections and Installations

Light Poles can erode and decay over time, especially around the base – and can become a serious liability and safety hazard. If you are concerned with the condition of your light poles we provide visual and ultrasonic pole inspections. We can determine whether your existing Steel, Aluminum, Concrete, or Composite Poles are in need of replacement. If your outdoor lighting project requires new light pole installation or light pole replacement, our high reach trucks and specialty ladders can reach virtually any tall parking area light poles and sports lights. We can help you choose the right pole and fixture head for your specific application and install it for you.

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